Literary Death Match At The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

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The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center presents "Literary Death Match" tomorrow at 7pm! This witty, ridiculous performance couples the types of literary and performance perks of Def Poetry Jam and the odd, hilariousness of Double Dare. This reading/performing series mixes four outstandingly talented authors performing a publication in seven minutes or less. The panelists are [...]

Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center: The Chinese Warrior of Peking

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The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center presents the Chinese Warrior of Peking tonight. This high-intensity martial arts and acrobatics performance is brought to us by the Columbia Artists Management and the Ministry of Culture of The People’s Republic of China. The performance is set during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). It portrays the story of two rival martial arts [...]

Average Commute In Midland, Texas

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There are many reasons to live in Midland. One of them is the daily commute. The typical American commute averages 26 minutes from home to work. This commute has been getting longer for Americans every year. Midland residents have an average commute of just 14 minutes! Plus, practically no one has to use mass transit [...]

Sign Up For Updates From The City Of Midland

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Would you like to stay up to date on information pertinent to Midland residents? The City of Midland has a cool subscription service. You can opt-in to get updates from the City of Midland about specific things that interest you. You don't have to get updates from the City of Midland about everything going on [...]

Midland Has Lowest Unemployment Rate In Texas – Again

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As the state unemployment rate stands at just four percent for the second month in a row, Midland again boasts the lowest unemployment rate. The state falls just below the the national jobless figure which is 4.1 percent. The Texas Workforce Commission on Friday said Texas added about 23,500 seasonally adjusted non-farm jobs last month. [...]

Three Popular Pool Installers Serving Midland, Texas

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Are you looking for the perfect home in Midland, Texas with a pool? Remember, you can also find an awesome home and have a pool installed. Midland, Texas actually has several quality pool installers, including these three popular pool installers. Taylor Landscape Company Taylor Landscape Company isn't just a landscape company. It's also a construction [...]

Midland-Odessa Regional Economic Index Continues To Rise Sharply

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The Midland-Odessa Regional Economic Index continues its sharp rise. Actually, the Midland-Odessa Regional Economic Index is on track to surpass even it's all time high that was achieved in January of 2015. Plus, it's already up a stunning 20 percent from the March 2017 Midland-Odessa Regional Economic Index! During the first quarter of the year [...]

3500 Oakmont Midland, TX 79707

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3500 Oakmont Drive Midland TX 79707 Gorgeous 3 bedroom 2 bath home across from a park! This perfect open floor plan features wood and tile floors. It has a welcoming living area with a gas fireplace, nice windows for a view of the backyard and covered patio! Wood floors in the 3 bedrooms with walk-in closets and high [...]

Property Taxes In Midland, Texas

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Residential property taxes in Texas are based on annual appraised values. County appraisal districts complete the appraisals at the start of every year. Appraisal review board hearings contesting the appraisals begin in May. Property tax bills in Texas arrive at the beginning of October. Then, they're due by January 31 the next year. Texas offers [...]

Should You Avoid the States with the Highest Property Taxes?

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First, which state has the highest property taxes? As of 2016, New Jersey. According to WalletHub, in 2016 New Jersey had the highest real estate taxes in the country, with homeowners paying out 2.29 percent of their property values. So, for homes that were at the state median value of $319,000, owners paid out a [...]

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