Few people think about drains until there is a problem, but well-working and maintained drains such as your sink, washer, toilet and shower drains can save you a ton of time, effort and money.

Consider how old your drains are and if they are metal or plastic. This could potentially affect their projected duration and likely correlates with the age of your house. You will need to know this as some clog-dissolvers can be caustic.

Prevention of problems is much easier than fixing a problem. Never pour grease or oil down your sink drain – it can congeal and cause a clogged drain. Pour a pan or kettle of hot (not boiling) water down your kitchen sink drain once a week to clear any fat, food or grease that may have accidentally wound up in your drains. This prevents clogs as well as odors. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, always use a drain strainer to catch food before it makes it down your pipes, and dump the strainer everyday. A little lemon juice and baking soda poured into a drain, allowed to sit for an hour or so, and then ran through with water can also make the drains in your kitchen smell fresh and repel odor.

Frequently check underneath your sink for leaks or cracks in your pipes. Make any repairs as soon as possible. Fixing a small problem is much easier than a large one.

Bathtub drains require special care – particularly if you have multiple people with lots of hair using the shower or bathtub! Scalp hair is lost during every shower, and while it may be not noticed on your head, it quickly causes a problem in your drain if precautions aren’t taken. Soap scum and dead skin cells add to this situation which can become a stinky mess. To avoid problems, clean drain stoppers after every shower. If you notice your drain seems slow, treat with a commercially prepared or homemade drain cleaner of your choice. Be sure to follow the directions and avoid contact with your skin.

Never flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. In some older homes with septic systems, there are certain types of toilet paper that can be too much for the toilet. Most tampons are safe to flush, but if you have a family of seven females using them, it may be wise to throw them away instead. Never flush baby wipes – even one time of doing this has been known to clog a toilet.

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