Info About Real Estate Brokerage Services In Texas

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Texas real estate brokers and salespeople are licensed and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). See, we follow specific state rules regarding real estate brokerage services in Texas. Consequently, Texas real estate agents will ask that you sign a receipt that you were given information about how real estate brokerage services in Texas [...]

Midland’s Population Growth And High Rental Costs Make Now The Perfect Time To Buy

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Though some say that apartments in Midland are easier to come by than last year, 2018 Midland renters are still paying high rental costs. Rent Jungle reported that the average monthly rental cost for an apartment in Midland, Texas is $1488! That's a 25.2% increase over last year's rental costs. And with the population booming, [...]

Vehicle Safety Inspections And Emissions Testing In Texas

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The State of Texas website explains that all vehicles registered in Texas must pass a safety inspection. No exceptions. Additionally, some counties require emissions tests. If you get a safety inspection in a non-emissions county, and then move to an emissions county and register my vehicle, another safety inspection isn't generally required. If the inspection [...]

2018 General Election: Registering To Vote In Texas If You Move To A New Home

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When people are in the middle of a move or just moved, registering to vote sometimes gets overlooked. The deadline to vote in this year's General Election is October 9, 2018. Moving Within The Same County If you move within the same Texas county, all you have to do is go to the Secretary of [...]

‘Tornado History Project’ – Midland County, Texas: No Fatalities Recorded

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The Tornado History Project is an online, free, searchable database of every reported U.S. tornado from 1950-2016. In all, the Tornado History Project features data from over 60,000 tornadoes! It's a pretty cool way to check out areas likely to get hit by these strong weather events. Luckily, in all, only 32 tornadoes hit Midland [...]

How To Order A New Birth Certificate In Texas

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If you're about to move school districts, keep in mind that you will need an official birth certificate to register children for school in a new district. Of course, moves tend to displace items and sometimes vital records like birth certificates get lost. Luckily, you can order a new birth certificate from the Texas Office [...]

Why Underwood Group Stands Out Among Midland Real Estate Agencies

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Underwood Group is a team of top real estate professionals in Midland, Texas. We are proud to have some of most experienced real estate agents in this part of the state. Importantly, Midland is our home, and we love it here. So, we want to make our neighbors happy! Since this is our home too, [...]

When Buying A New Home, Don’t Pass On A Proper Inspection

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  Home inspections in Midland, Texas  average between $233.00 - $325 for a 2,000 square foot house. Additional services increase the costs of course. Many people hate the idea of paying for an inspection on a home that isn't theirs yet. Still, a quality home inspection is critical! Look, unless you are professionally trained to [...]

Site-Built Homes vs. Modular and Manufactured

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Interested in new construction? Here's a quick primer on site-built, modular, and manufactured homes. Site-Built Homes Erected completely at the construction site, site-built homes make up the majority of all new houses built today. These homes are commonly made using 2 by 4s and 4 by 6s of pre-cut wood, which is used for framing and [...]

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