How Do I Relocate To Midland Texas To Work For The Oil Companies?

With the local supply of labor virtually exhausted, energy companies are willing to pay Permian workers very well. This is no exaggeration. The Midland Chamber of Commerce estimates that at any given time, the industry is looking to fill at least 15,000 jobs! They frequently will even offer temporary housing to start right away! They [...]

What Does A Good Seller’s Agent Do?

The Underwood Group prides itself on doing right by every customer we serve. When in the role of the seller's agent, we will dutifully perform many services, because they are important. We will sit down with you and show you our proven Marketing Plan. We will explain how our Marketing Plan will help you sell [...]

Permian Basin Area Expected To Generate 1/3 Of The Entire U.S. Oil Production

Not even the drop in oil prices has stopped the enthusiasm in the Permian Basin. The economy is still booming. The Permian Basin's output will continue to expand. Cost-reducing advances in technology means that over the next five years,  U.S. oil production should be about equal to the production of oil in Russia and Saudi [...]

Midland Recently Ranked As’s Top Market ranked Midland, Texas in its top Five markets list in both November and December. Midland was the top market in the whole United States for all of November. For December, it had slipped to the number two spot, but was still outranking almost every other real estate market in the entire country! Though the [...]

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City Hall’s Drive-Through Bill Pay Window Closed Today

We just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you have a medical need that limits how much you can walk or if you have children with you that you don't want to unbuckle: The Midland City Hall drive-through bill pay window will close temporarily today. The closure is just temporary. It's only [...]

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Midland Police Department Warns Of Warrant Scam

The Midland Police Department warned Midland residents about a warrant scam going on throughout the city right now. They say that people have been getting phone calls saying that there is an outstanding warrant out for your arrest and that they need you to send them money. The Midland Police Dpeartment commented the following on [...]

Midland Announces New Police Chief

The City of Midland announced that it has a new police chief. Seth Herman is the City of Midland’s new police chief. Chief Herman will oversee all aspects of the police department. He will also oversee all 200+ employees. This shouldn't be a huge shock, given that Chief Herman has been serving as interim police [...]

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Carver Street Bridge Ribbon Cutting Scheduled For Tuesday At 11 AM

The City of Midland's Carver Street Bridge ribbon cutting ceremony is less than one day away! Tuesday at 11 in the morning, the City Council, the Midland Development Corporation, and community members will meet at the Carver Street Bridge to formally open the new bridge! This bridge is the fix for a low-water crossing that was there [...]

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Available Government Jobs With The City Of Midland

The City of Midland currently has 55 job postings online. Salaries range from hourly pay on up to $79,264 per year. Here are some examples of positions available within the City of Midland: Public Safety Dispatcher Utility Plant Operator Police Officer Electronics Technician Animal Services- Maintenance Turf Techs Recycling Supervisor Airport Cashier Civil Engineer Telephone Response [...]

Midland Health & Senior Services Offers Vaccines

The Midland Health & Senior Services offers vaccines on a walk-in basis. There are no appointments needed. To find out if you're eligible for the vaccine clinic, check out this webpage. Vaccine Clinic Hours Monday-Thursday | 8:00 am-3:30 pm Friday | 8:00 am-12:00 pm Exemptions from Immunization Compliance While vaccines are recommended for most people, exclusions [...]

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