Midland, TX Relocation Guide

If you’re buying a home for sale here, whether you’re new to the area or you’re already living in the area, it’s a good idea to go through a Midland, TX relocation guide for tips, important numbers and local facts. Check out the information we’ve compiled in our Midland, TX relocation guide to make sure [...]

Common Closing Costs for Sellers

When you're selling your home, you'll end up paying a bit of cash on closing day for closing costs. But what are the most common closing costs for sellers, and how much will they cost you? Here's what you need to know. Common Closing Costs for Sellers Check out these common closing costs that sellers [...]

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Chalkboard Paint: Fun and Functional

Want to turn a wall, cabinet, tabletop, or other surface in your home into an instant writing area? Chalkboard paint can be an interesting addition to virtually any room. Google “chalkboard paint” images to see all the creative ways people have used the product. A sample of ideas include: On a cabinet in the kitchen [...]

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3 Interior Decor Trends That Have Lost Their Appeal

If you're selling a home in Midland, you want to do what it takes to help it sell quickly (and for the best possible price). That may mean doing away with these interior decor trends that have lost their appeal with today's buyers. 3 Interior Decor Trends That Have Lost Their Appeal Check out these [...]

6 Ways to Update Your Fireplace

Aside from your kitchen the fireplace is a hub where your family and friends gather. If the hearth of your home is in need of an update, consider these ways to rekindle its style. Mantle Magic The addition of a chunky wooden mantle above your fireplace can add warmth and a little rustic charm to [...]

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At My Open House: Should I Leave a Letter for Buyers?

Sellers aren’t encouraged to be present during their open house, so is leaving a letter for buyers a good idea? Standing out From the Crowd When it’s a buyer’s market sellers try to find ways to stand out. Some may feel that writing a letter to prospective buyers, a so-called “love letter,” might help give [...]

During My Open House: If I Play Music, What Should I Choose?

Music can influence attitudes and conjure emotions. The right playlist at your open house can set the mood for an event that pulses with energy, or one that’s more laidback and easygoing. So if you decide to play music at your home’s all-important debut, what kind of playlist should you create for one of our [...]