Home-staging basically is a tool that sellers use to make their home look warm and inviting while highlighting strengths of the home and down-playing weaknesses. There are companies that will stage your home for a fee, but it’s also something you can do yourself if you are interested in saving money.

The number one priority is to remove clutter – no junk mail, papers, or clothes laying around. This includes no shoes by the door, personal photos on the walls, food left out on the counter (unless it is strategic, like fruit). You may need to donate old or broken furniture, reduce the number of throws/blankets you have around your home, etc. The goal of all of this is to make your home appear bigger. In fact, professional stagers usually remove half of a home’s contents (in which sometimes the homeowners rent a storage unit, unless they are minimizing their material possessions.)
Consider how your furniture is grouped. Most people believe the furniture seems more space-saving if pushed against walls, but that isn’t always the case. A loveseat and chairs grouped around a coffee table in a room may make the room appear much larger, which is usually what home-buyers are looking for.

If you have a room that is of little service other than gathering junk, repurpose it. It could become an office, a dayroom, or even something as simple as a reading nook and coffee-and-tea serving room. A few lovely pieces of furniture are better than large and heavy or unsightly pieces. Be creative and willing to move art and other decor. Get rid of heavy drapes and let more light into every living space.

Most homes are much too dark for a buyer’s viewing preference. While you may not be able to create natural light easily, it’s not hard to buy a nice lamp and make sure that all rooms are well lit before each showing.

Placing art and wall decor in uneven lines is uplifting to the buyer’s eye and looks more inviting. Rows of photos in a straight line detract from this effect – so put them away for now. Don’t be afraid to use objects of varying heights on a table – a tall plant with a low candle can look artistic and pleasing.

Unfinished projects are a detraction, so take the time to finish staining the door. Fresh flowers on an otherwise clean and bare bathroom vanity is a lovely addition. A few decorative baskets and folded up towels can transform a bathroom.

Finally, be aware of how your home looks from the first step in the door. First impressions are made within fifteen seconds or less – what is the first thing people see? Make sure it is in good repair, recently painted, and tidy.

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