Chalkboard Paint: Fun and Functional

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Want to turn a wall, cabinet, tabletop, or other surface in your home into an instant writing area? Chalkboard paint can be an interesting addition to virtually any room. Google “chalkboard paint” images to see all the creative ways people have used the product. A sample of ideas include: On a cabinet in the kitchen [...]

3 Interior Decor Trends That Have Lost Their Appeal

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If you're selling a home in Midland, you want to do what it takes to help it sell quickly (and for the best possible price). That may mean doing away with these interior decor trends that have lost their appeal with today's buyers. 3 Interior Decor Trends That Have Lost Their Appeal Check out these [...]

6 Ways to Update Your Fireplace

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Aside from your kitchen the fireplace is a hub where your family and friends gather. If the hearth of your home is in need of an update, consider these ways to rekindle its style. Mantle Magic The addition of a chunky wooden mantle above your fireplace can add warmth and a little rustic charm to [...]

These 4 Mistakes Can Damage Your Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors can add elegance and value to your home. Cherry, walnut, oak, maple, birch, and many more—they all bring their own distinct style to your space. Keeping them in great condition, however, can sometimes be a challenge. To help protect and properly maintain your hardwood floors avoid these mistakes. Using Too Much Water or [...]

5 Winter Curb Appeal Tips to Entice Buyers

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Curb appeal is what your house looks like from the outside. The better the appearance, the more chance you have of making a sale. Thanks to unwanted leaves, snow or ice, it can be more challenging to keep your house in tip-top condition once winter arrives. 5 Winter Curb Appeal Tips to Entice Buyers You [...]

4 Fresh Ideas for Christmas Home Décor

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Unboxing the same Christmas decorations each year can take some of the excitement out of decking the halls. This year, try a little something new. Here are a few fresh takes on traditional themes. #1. Dining Table-Talk Runner Here’s a quick and easy table runner with a twist. Line pomegranates down the center of your [...]

5 Ways to Add Style to Your Above-Ground Pool

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Above-ground pools can sometimes appear plain and unattractive in otherwise stylish landscapes. But there are lots of ways to dress them up and turn them from black sheep to pool chic. Elevate the look of your pool with these options. #1. Lovely Landscaping Edge out a flower bed around your pool. Add perennials like shrubs, [...]