VA Loan Guide for Buying a Home in Midland, TX

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If you’re a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, a veteran (retired or not), a defense contractor or a qualifying dependent, you could be eligible to buy a home for sale in Midland using a VA loan. But what is a VA loan, and how does it work? Here’s what you need to know. Related: [...]

5 Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions Near Midland That Are Worth a Road Trip

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If you’re an adventurer at heart who’s buying a home in Midland, we have great news for you: There are five truly amazing, weird, wild and wonderful places you can visit in and around Midland that are definitely worth a road trip. Check out these five off-the-beaten-path attractions near Midland to plan your next few [...]

5 Best Museums in Midland

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When you’re buying a home for sale in Midland, you’ll be happy to know that we have some of the state’s best – and most educational – museums right here in town. Check out this list of the five best museums in Midland to plan out your future weekends. 5 Best Museums in Midland If [...]

Midland, TX Relocation Guide

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If you’re buying a home for sale here, whether you’re new to the area or you’re already living in the area, it’s a good idea to go through a Midland, TX relocation guide for tips, important numbers and local facts. Check out the information we’ve compiled in our Midland, TX relocation guide to make sure [...]

6 Plants That Repel Bees and Wasps

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Enjoying some fun in the sun shouldn’t mean having to swat away buzzing bees and whizzing wasps. Enhance your landscape and home with six plants that will help keep these pesky insects at bay. Marigolds The marigold produces attractive blooms in bold yellow, orange, red, white, and variegated versions, but its scent is anything but [...]

When Your Kids Aren’t So Excited About the Move

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It takes time for anybody to adjust after moving to a new neighborhood. For children and teenagers, however, the situation can prove especially challenging. Even if they realize it might be the best thing for the family or necessary for a job, leaving the security of the environment they know can bring about sadness or [...]

Is My Pool Properly Secured?

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Your home swimming pool can be a gathering place for fun and relaxation with your family and friends. But it can also present a danger to small children if it’s not properly secured. Here’s what to do to keep your pool safe and in compliance with Texas residential pool laws. Is My Pool Properly Secured? [...]

5 Materials to Mulch Your Landscape in Your Midland, TX Home

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Not only does mulch give your landscape a clean and polished look, it can enrich your soil, help to retain moisture, and prevent weeds. So what do you use? Here's what you need to know. 5 Materials to Mulch Your Landscape in Your Midland, TX Home Here are five mulches to consider for your yard: [...]

5 Colorful Winter Flowers for Your Landscape

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Texas winters can be unpredictable. Some are mild. Others bring days when temperatures drop below freezing and flowers suffer frost damage. If you want color in your winter landscape, but are unsure of what to plant because you’re concerned about a hard freeze and dead plants, here are some hardy flowers to consider during the [...]

4 Signs Your House is Settling

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Unfortunately settlement on your newly built home won’t be the last time you have to think about settling. Here’s what you can expect from your structure as it settles in for the long haul. Spaces in Between Windows and Walls This may be the first sign of settling that you notice inside of your home, [...]