Most people want a house that looks clean and tidy, available to welcome visitors without hesitation, particularly if the house is going on the market while still being inhabited. While this can seem like a daunting task, there are a few things to keep in mind which will make it easier.


Minimalism has become a trendy term, but it has been no secret of those with clean houses for years. There’s a few reasons this works – the less you have, the less you need to store; the less that is seen by others, and the less that bogs you down physically or emotionally. If you have lots of things, getting to this point may take some effort, but is doable. If you’re just starting out, developing some good habits can save you hours of cleaning.

One of the easiest ways to begin is to sort mail as soon as you bring it in – don’t leave it to pile up on a table. Throw away junk mail, any bills that have been reviewed that you are paying online (better yet, go paperless – most loan and utility companies offer this!). Put important mail in a folder in a drawer for easy access, but be prudent about what you keep. Be sure to destroy mail that has sensitive information in an appropriate way before you throw it out.

Less is more. Minimalists know that airy rooms with well-chosen pieces of furniture looks far tidier than rooms overflowing with furniture.
Make sure you give things an assigned place – this not only looks neat but saves you time. Place your jacket and purse on a designated hook inside the closet door, and leave your keys on a key hanger or in a beautiful bowl by the front door. Rooms look messy when things are stored on the floor, so attempt to keep things up off the floor, even if it is in a wicker basket. Put away things as you use them or pass through a room. Minimize knick-knacks which collect dust and can look untidy if too many are present.

Follow Through On Easy Tasks

Put away dishes after every meal or every run of the dishwasher. Fold clothes as soon as they are dry and take to the appropriate room. This may involve getting your family on board, but most people soon find they enjoy a clean living space where they can find things easily.

Clean old food out of the fridge daily and restock as needed. Make a pass through the house morning and night to pick up errant trash.

With a little time and effort, your home will always be inviting and you won’t have to spend entire days cleaning.

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