Many people know the misery of searching for a beach towel or a certain set of sheets in an over-stuffed linen closet. It can be embarrassing to open around houseguests as well. Yet neither is as big of an issue as a disorganized linen closet when a potential homebuyer is checking out your place. While an organized linen closet won’t solve all your home staging problems, it will certainly help.

First, remember that if you haven’t used something in the past twelve months, research says you are unlikely to use it enough to warrant keeping it. Therefore, go through your linen closet and make a “throw away” and “give away” pile. Your throw-away pile should include things that are unsuitable for charity donations, such as things with holes or stains. Your give-away pile should include sheet sets that no longer match your bedding, character-themed towels once your children have grown, and any other items you no longer use.

It is beneficial at this point to see what you need. Need more towels and sheets suitable for guests? You may want to consider all white towels and sheets, which are versatile and can be bleached, and are never the wrong color for any bedroom or bathroom.

Use one level for sheets which should be recently laundered and folded as flat as possible. Some homeowners store their washed sheets in gallon bags so that they do not become musty or dusty and are easy to see at a glance. If possible, store sheets and matching pillowcases together in the bag so that everything you need is at your fingertips.

On the second level, store towels. These are your most-used items and should be stored at eye level. Fold towels in half and then fold into thirds for easy stackable storage. You can have a row of whites and row of colors for accessibility and ease. You may wish to store washcloths on this level as well.

The bottom level should be reserved for extra blankets, extra bathmats, and a basket that holds easy-reach necessities that guests can grab – personal care items, new toothbrushes, handsoap, or anything else to make a guest feel at home.

Organizing a linen closet can be time-consuming the first time, but weekly upkeep should be easy if you replace soiled items as they are laundered. Make sure to keep up with the organization for the entire time your Midland home is on the market.

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