West Texas Boys Ranch was established in 1947 and continues to change lives. This great organization is built upon changing the lives of young boys and making them into positive Christian young men.  Any young boys who have the mindset of not being wanted, neglected, or forgotten have a chance to be loved at West Texas Boys Ranch. This organization provides beds, food, caring, and most important a Christian atmosphere.

A man named Bert speaks out to you on how West Texas Boys Ranch changed his life. He got to the ranch at age 9. Bert said ” I got to participate in things that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, I participated in horseback riding, showed goats, sports, summer vacations, but also did chores and was in school.” He went to college at Angelo State University, and West Texas Boys Ranch made it possible with their Scholarship Fund for Bret to be able to study abroad in Europe.

This program is intended to make these young boys realize they are wanted, God made them, and that with love they can become healthy, happy, self-sufficient men!!! West Texas Boys Ranch can change the lives of many.

God Bless!