The Wall Street Journal just featured the Permian Basin as one of America’s hottest labor markets. This oil boom we are experiencing is like nothing seen before. Shale drilling/crude production has made the Permian Basin, including Odessa and Midland the nation’s hottest oilfield, the Journal reported. Workers are flooding in and this has created opportunities for service and other businesses. Last year, the Midland-Odessa job market was the hottest of all job markets in the country. We’ve seen the fastest job and labor-force growth. We’ve got nearly the lowest unemployment rates. Within three years, it’s expected that production in the Permian Basic will top five million barrels a day, which would exceed production even in Iraq.

The WSJ reported about a barber with a mobile barber shop. The barber parked in front of a local grocery store, hoping to catch oil field workers between shifts. That brilliance panned out. He ended up getting five barbers to cut hair all day long. When you include tips, these barbers made between $130,000 and $180,000 a year! Each barber ends up doing about 20 cuts a day!

Restaurants and bars see a constant surge of customers. There are so many new people coming in that some school districts are looking into building duplexes to rent out to teachers. Help is wanted all over. If you’ve considered selling your Midland home, now is the time.

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