Here in Midland, TX we need rain more than ever. Prayer can work in mysterious ways. The water in Midland is a very scarce resource not only for everyones yards etc., but especially for all of the ranchers in the surrounding areas. Most of us don’t think about the ones who need water for their crops to grow or water for their livestock, some probably just think about needing rain for their grass, plants, etc. Since a lot of these ranching businesses are on the decline, it is causing all of the prices in feed, hay,alfalfa etc. to rise. John Midkiff is a Midland County Rancher. He states, ” It’s dry land cotton, there is nothing there, just dried out soil and dirt crying for rain, bare fields awaiting rains and next spring’s planting season.”  He also stated that one thing hasn’t changed over the years…a rancher’s hope! However, you can have hope, but you should also believe in the power of prayer!

Please Pray For Rain!

God Bless!!