Midland TX-Hello everyone! IT’S HOTT! If you want something different to do on a Friday or Saturday night to keep you cool you should go see Summer Mummers. It is an experience to remember. This atmosphere is a very fun, relaxed, hot spot. What ordinary theater throws popcorn and gets away with it? Summer Mummers at the Yucca Theater is where it’s at. Shows begin at 8 P.M., be sure to come early to get refreshments, beer, and lots of popcorn to throw at the Villains.

Summer Mummers in Midland, TX would be the perfect spot to let your self go! This theater is in the 59th season and is still going strong. This theater was built in 1929 and is known for the fun “popcorn throwing” kind of a time! Last years popcorn sales were more than 50,000! Wow? Isn’t that crazy? You could never go wrong picking a show at the Yucca Theater in Midland, TX it is always a big hit!