Unboxing the same Christmas decorations each year can take some of the excitement out of decking the halls. This year, try a little something new. Here are a few fresh takes on traditional themes.

#1. Dining Table-Talk Runner

Here’s a quick and easy table runner with a twist. Line pomegranates down the center of your dining table, leaving spaces in between. Fill the gaps with pine branches and cones. Nestle 5×9 framed family photos throughout the runner, alternating each to face opposite sides of the table. You’re sure to conjure conversation, laughter, and memories.

#2. Cranberry Centerpiece

Brighten your holiday dinner table with a fresh cranberry centerpiece. Pour cranberries into a wide, transparent vase or vessel until it’s half full. Fill the remainder of the vessel with water until the cranberries float near the top. Place a tea light candle (or candles) in the center. For added drama use groupings of vases of various heights, shapes, and sizes.

To create a different Christmas-themed centerpiece, simply fill a tall, wide vase with fresh apples and limes.

#3. Mini Wreaths

Create stylish mini wreaths to top your dining table chargers. Tightly wrap mini foam wreath forms (3-6 inches in width) with ribbon of gold, silver, red, or green (secure each end of the ribbon using a hot glue gun, or other adhesive). Finish-off each wreath with a bow of contrasting color.

#4. A Double Christmas Wreath

If your home has a double-door front entrance then hanging one wreath on each door is probably an obvious choice. But if you’ve got a single door who’s to say you can’t still have two wreaths? The more the merrier. Hang twin wreaths, one above the other, leaving some space in between. Your visitors will be pleasantly surprised, and passersby will do a double-take.

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