Want to turn a wall, cabinet, tabletop, or other surface in your home into an instant writing area? Chalkboard paint can be an interesting addition to virtually any room.

Google “chalkboard paint” images to see all the creative ways people have used the product. A sample of ideas include:

  • On a cabinet in the kitchen to maintain a running grocery list
  • In the foyer by a coat rack to write messages to incoming and outgoing family members
  • In a child’s playroom to turn a wall or a table into a reusable canvas
  • In a den above a computer to post inspirational quotes or create an ever-changing to-do list
  • On sections of a front door to write welcome messages or holiday greetings
  • On drawer fronts to label what’s inside

As you’ll see, paint options aren’t limited to black. That might be the most classic color, but plenty of other choices exist.

Watching a tutorial such as this one put out by FrogTape can help with the specifics of the job. (And, of course, read the instructions on the paint can carefully as details may vary by brand.) However, here are a few general guidelines:

  1. Chalkboard paint is NOT the same as chalk paint. Don’t go to your store looking for one and end up with a gallon of the other!
  2. Stick to smooth surfaces. Textured or bumpy finishes will lead to writing that’s choppy and broken up.
  3. If you’re putting chalkboard paint over something glossy, you’ll likely need to apply primer first.
  4. Don’t neglect the critical last step of chalk-priming your newly created chalkboard. When the area is thoroughly dry, rub the side of a piece of white chalk over the whole thing. Let it set for a few seconds, then erase. Now the space is ready for your drawings or words of wisdom!

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