Aside from your kitchen the fireplace is a hub where your family and friends gather. If the hearth of your home is in need of an update, consider these ways to rekindle its style.

Mantle Magic

The addition of a chunky wooden mantle above your fireplace can add warmth and a little rustic charm to a modern living space. Support the mantle with simple corbels to complete the look. Maintain the wood’s natural color, or stain it for a more complementary or contrasting look.

Whitewash Wonderment

Whitewashing is a relatively inexpensive technique that can add a layer of character to a brick fireplace by giving it a chalky, antiqued look. There are products you can buy that are specifically designed to achieve this look, or you can just dilute latex paint with water to create a thin mixture to apply. Coat your brick as many times as needed to get the look you want.

Time to Shine

If you’ve got a wood-paneled fireplace consider painting it with a high-gloss. The eye-catching shine will accentuate the woodwork and make your fireplace the undisputed centerpiece of the room.

Tile With Style

A bold tile surround can be a great way to make a big statement—just be sure to keep your mantle simple, as well as your room’s décor. Conversely, bold décor can complement an understated, but stylish, tile surround. Classic tile patterns like chevron or herringbone can last for the lifetime of your fireplace.

Dancing on the Ceiling

Carry your fireplace surround all the way to the ceiling using natural stone slabs, like marble or quartz. Or, complement an industrial loft space with a concrete surround.

Stone Cold? Nope

A travertine stacked stone surround can give your fireplace a little cottage warmth and a cozy feel.

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