Sellers aren’t encouraged to be present during their open house, so is leaving a letter for buyers a good idea?

Standing out From the Crowd

When it’s a buyer’s market sellers try to find ways to stand out. Some may feel that writing a letter to prospective buyers, a so-called “love letter,” might help give them an edge over other properties by creating a positive impression about their home that potential buyers will remember when the houses they’ve seen start to become a blur.

While a love letter can help your home stand out, it must speak from the heart about your property—otherwise your message could come across as an inauthentic sales gimmick. Obviously, the letter alone won’t sell your home, but when paired with a good listing price and one of our agents it just might give your property a bit of an edge.

Love Letter Tips

Always include a photo of your home, and make things personal by giving some of the reasons why you first fell in love with the house. Also, include positive memories at your home that you want to highlight.

They could be memorable events and moments you experienced in the house—both big and small— like a graduation party, family game nights on Fridays, the year your family had a snowball fight in the backyard after opening Christmas gifts, big breakfasts on weekends in your renovated gourmet kitchen, or even something as simple as reading a book on the porch swing and watching the sun melt into the horizon.

Typically, copies of this letter are placed at the door during an open house alongside any other info about your property. You might also have it emailed to buyers who have expressed interest in your home.

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