Curb appeal is what your house looks like from the outside. The better the appearance, the more chance you have of making a sale. Thanks to unwanted leaves, snow or ice, it can be more challenging to keep your house in tip-top condition once winter arrives.

5 Winter Curb Appeal Tips to Entice Buyers

You can use these five easy tips to keep up your curb appeal when the cold sets in.

  1. Keep the exterior clean.
  2. Outdoor lighting
  3. Cold-weather plants
  4. Make it safe
  5. Have a welcoming front porch

Let’s examine these in more detail.

#1. Keep the Exterior Clean

It’s easy for leaves and other debris to pile up and get stuck in the gutters and for grime to build upon the walls. Sweeping the front porch and using a high-pressure cleaner on the grime will do wonders for the appearance. Also clean out the leaves and debris from the roof, gutters and lawn.

#2 Outdoor Lighting

Not only does good outdoor lighting make your home safer, but it also makes it more attractive to buyers. There are several affordable LED path lights and lanterns that are easy to install and do wonders for the appearance.

#3 Cold Weather Plants

Winter tends to bring a drab color palette with it. Adding a touch of color with evergreen plants or flowers that can withstand the cold weather can make your home stand out and catch the buyer’s eye.

#4 Make it Safe

It’s always best to avoid accidents. Clean the driveway, walkways, and porch of any unwanted leaves or debris and ensure that any cracks are repaired.

#5 Have a Welcoming Front Porch

Since the front door is the gateway to your home, it makes sense to have it looking warm and inviting. Add a fresh coat of paint on the door and ensure the address numbers and light fittings are all in good order. A welcome matt will also help the buyers feel more at home.

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