Above-ground pools can sometimes appear plain and unattractive in otherwise stylish landscapes. But there are lots of ways to dress them up and turn them from black sheep to pool chic. Elevate the look of your pool with these options.

#1. Lovely Landscaping

Edge out a flower bed around your pool. Add perennials like shrubs, tall fountain grasses—and other greenery that complements your landscape—to frame your pool and add visual interest. Incorporate colorful annuals for pops of color. Top your bed with mulch to create a clean, polished, and inviting focal point.

#2. Add Taste With Tile

If your pool has a concrete finish, consider beautifying it with tile. Opt for a look that complements the style of your home. If you live in a Spanish Colonial, add some flair with Spanish tile. If your home is contemporary go for something sleek that pairs well with its exterior. Who said your above-ground pool can’t be elegant, or edgy?

#3. Do It Up With Uplighting

Everything looks better with a little uplighting. Place lights around the perimeter of your pool to create a dramatic accent from all angles. To save on energy consumption, solar torch lights—as well as solar lights that project upward—can work just as well.

#4. Deck It Out

Surrounding your pool with elegant fencing is always a great option. Not only does it provide safety for children and pets, but it’s also an opportunity to add decking to create space for a shady lounge next to your pool, and turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis. Not to mention, it’s a clever way to keep your pool out of sight.

#5. Dress It Up

Accent your pool by creating a flagstone walkway leading to its entrance. Top things off with a triangular sun shade to provide a respite from the beaming sun.

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