Tuesday night Laura Bush and her mother Jenna Welch, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 78, attended Texas Tech University’s Health Science Center (Midland) dedication of the Jenna Welch Women’s Center of the Laura W. Bush Insititute for Women’s Health.

Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Bush were taken on a private tour of the two-story facility that is devoted to women’s health issues.  “This will be the only university research center in Texas uniquely focused on solving a variety of women’s health challenges such as early diagnosis of ovarian cancer,” Laura Bush said.  The center will focus on obstetrics and gynecology and provide a range of specialized care like better breast cancer drugs and the process of women and aging “here at home”.  It also houses its own lab and is equipped with video-conferencing technology to connect to other Texas Tech Health Sciences campuses.  “This particular part of our state is part of a border area.  The research that goes on here can serve not just our country, but the border region,” and the rest of the world, Mrs. Bush said.

Not limited to just women, the medical center is also open to their families.  In partnership with the multi-campus Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health, the center “strives for excellence in research, education and community outreach,” a news release said.

It is great to live in a community where such thought is focused on the needs of our mothers, daughters, aunts and nieces.  The women in our families are often times preoccupied of the health of their children and husbands and forget about themselves.  With the addition of this new center, we hope the women of our community find it easier and are more comfortable to take care of their own needs to keep nurturing everyone else.

Dr. Ted Mitchell, president of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, personal physician for many years to former President Bush at The Cooper Clinic in Dallas, says that he is proud to have this affiliation with Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Bush.  “This is a wonderful occasion for us, opening a center that is going to provide wonderful services for women who really need them and to honor two wonderful women.”