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Midland has had recent good rains. Be sure to empty standing water to reduce the number of mosquitoes.



Midland Has Been Blessed With Rain Recently!

Thank goodness for all the rain Midland has received lately. Only downfall is when the rain comes, so do all the mosquitoes.  We have done some research and found a couple of plants that help repel mosquitoes and that will last in our west Texas climate.

Mosquitoes hate the pleasant scent of lavender and stay clear of it.
It is best in a pot by your front door, window, or entertainment area in your backyard.

This one is a given, there are candle sprays, essential oils, and much more, but as a plant its great! Pretty and big and can withstand summers stress. They grow to be pretty large so they are also great for privacy.

If you want a little more color and more flowers to repel the mosquitoes, go with geraniums. They get the job done just as well but are very attractive and if taken care of properly will repel the mosquitoes just the same.

A couple of more tips to keep mosquitoes out: make sure to drain all objects in your yard that can hold water. Mosquitoes live and breed in the shallow muggy waters, so be sure to drain or cover any pots, bird baths and kiddie pools, before and after rain.

And one more thing….Don’t Forget to Pray for Rain!