Midland TX – Fireworks fill the sky after a Midland RockHounds baseball game at Citibank Ballpark.

Jim Harris, the local owner of Truckload Fireworks says he won’t open until Dec. 30 because the area has been so dry.  “Our intentions as a company is to be open only for the last three days,” said Jim.  “The purpose is when families come out to buy the fireworks, they come in groups of people and there’s strength in those groups.  No one wants to go out and start a fire.  They’ll be safe.”

Like the drought-like conditions now, it s a decision Harris made three years ago to help limit the extra days and opportunity for young people, who may be unsupervised, to come out and purchase fireworks and shoot them off before the New year’s celebration.  It’s been 86 days without rain; and the risk of wild fires is great.

Midland fire officials still want to remind residents that it is illegal to set off fireworks inside the city limits and can result in a maximum fine of $2,000.  An additional citation of starting a fire, with another maximum fine of $2,000, could also be charged to an individual who is caught using fireworks in the city limits and a fire is started because of it.