When the weather turns cooler, your local field mice are looking for a warm place to stay with access to food. That’s why they love your house. Unfortunately, if you live in an area that has recently had a subdivision built or other construction going on, your house may be more inviting than usual, since their natural habitat may have been destroyed.

While mice can be cute, they can also carry disease that are harmful to humans and can multiply very quickly. It’s best to avoid the problem of a mouse invasion instead of trying to deal with catching mice, which is often an unpleasant task. Mice can even start electrical fires by chewing through electrical cords.

The best way to prevent mice invasion is to make sure your home is not very welcome or inviting to them. Don’t store pet food outside or unsecured in a garage, and if you enjoy cats or dogs, both are good for keeping mice away. Some small dogs are better at catching mice than cats! But it’s better to never let a mouse in your home, as daunting at that task may seem.

First, clean your garage. A cluttered garage full of miscellaneous boxes is perfect nesting material for mice. Keep things organized and closed. Next, inspect your home for small entry ways. Mice can squeeze through an area as small as a dime, so block cracks with masonry material or simple caulking. Inspect the weather seal along the bottom of your garage door and other doors to make sure there are no gaps.

Unfortunately, as much fun as it can be, feeding birds attracts rodents. They love bird feed as much as birds do – so avoid throwing feed out on the ground to the birds. If you want to feed birds, use a feeder that placed in a tree away from your home.

Don’t let garbage collect and make sure all trash cans have properly fitting lids. Keep all of your canned and dry foods such as flour, sugar, and other foods in sealed canisters, not in their original bags. Rodents won’t want to be in your house if they have no access to food.

If you still aren’t sure if mice are a problem in your home, set a few mouse traps and check them daily. You can buy humane ones if you don’t want to kill mice. If you find a mouse immediately, it is more likely you already have an infestation and may need to call an exterminator.

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