John Christmann IV, newly named vice president, Permian Region, told his audience at the Executive Oil Conference that Apache employees from around the world are transferring to Midland, coming from Tulsa, Cairo, Calgary and Houston. Apache will also be hiring local professionals, including engineers, geoscientists and land as well as support staff. The expanded office will be located at 303 Veteran’s Airpark Lane and is expected to open around the 5th of July.

Apache Corp. has had holdings in the Basin since 1991, and currently has a production office in Midland. Considering the Permian Basin plays such an important roll in their production, the company has decided to upgrade the local office located in Midland Texas, to a Regional office. This is good news for Midland and for those employees that will be able to call Midland home. The upgrade of the current production office to a regional office will expand the number of employees from the current 19 to more than 70.  This is going to be a big move for Apache, as they will transfer 37 employees from offices in Houston and Conroe, Tulsa and Calgary. Apache has also started hiring from the local workforce, so keep your eyes open, new employment opportunities from a Great Company like Apache will bring new families to Midland and typically, Midland will welcome these newcomers with typical west Texas hospitality.  Apache-WELCOME TO MIDLAND!
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