Not only is Midland, TX dry, but the surrounding areas are also hitting records of being the driest the state has ever been.  Its affecting agriculture needs, several jobs, production, animals and much more. Midland has been on water restrictions for several months, and this has been a major concern to several individuals in the community. Now the E.V. Spence Reservoir is now 99.55 percent empty. However, even though we are far from running out of water, it is something to keep in mind, and it’s an eye opener.

The economy continues to be affected, and it is spreading to lakeside areas. Several lakes are being affected by the drought, which is lowering the tourism rate. For example, Lake Travis is 40 feet below its normal level and Lake Nasworthy is a very nice location with upscale houses.  A local Realtor named Mike Newlin who has been selling lake houses since 1980’s stated,” If Nasworthy were drained it would kill real estate sales, someone might buy a property if there wasn’t any water in the lake knowing that somedays it will rain again, but I bet the price would go down quite a bit.”