If you’re selling a home in Midland, TX, you know that you’ll need to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers – and you can do that through home staging.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the act of preparing your home for sale. Your goal: to make the house as appealing as possible to as many potential buyers as possible.

Staging isn’t about tricking people into liking your home. It’s about arranging it so that people can see its best features.

Basic Home Staging 101

Before you can stage your home, you have to clean it from top to bottom. Get rid of all the clutter and leave nothing on the countertops, tables, or other surfaces but a few knickknacks, a fruit basket, or a vase of freshly cut flowers.

Experts suggest removing as much furniture as you can to make your home look larger, and rearranging the remaining furniture so it promotes good traffic flow in each room. If you have an overstuffed recliner that doesn’t quite match the rest of the furniture, a treadmill in the bedroom, or other furnishings that could make a room appear smaller than it is, put it in storage until you move.

Make sure eclectic or eccentric décor is replaced with simple, appeals-to-everyone art, and take down family photos. The goal is to allow buyers to envision their belongings in your space, which is more difficult when the home is personalized for you.

Open all the window dressings and let in as much light as possible. Turn on all the lights in each room and look for dim spots – and if you find any, put up a lamp. You want each room in your home to be bright.

Are You Selling a Home in Midland?

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