City Hall’s Drive-Through Bill Pay Window Closed Today

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We just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you have a medical need that limits how much you can walk or if you have children with you that you don't want to unbuckle: The Midland City Hall drive-through bill pay window will close temporarily today. The closure is just temporary. It's only [...]

Carver Street Bridge Ribbon Cutting Scheduled For Tuesday At 11 AM

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The City of Midland's Carver Street Bridge ribbon cutting ceremony is less than one day away! Tuesday at 11 in the morning, the City Council, the Midland Development Corporation, and community members will meet at the Carver Street Bridge to formally open the new bridge! This bridge is the fix for a low-water crossing that was there [...]

Available Government Jobs With The City Of Midland

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The City of Midland currently has 55 job postings online. Salaries range from hourly pay on up to $79,264 per year. Here are some examples of positions available within the City of Midland: Public Safety Dispatcher Utility Plant Operator Police Officer Electronics Technician Animal Services- Maintenance Turf Techs Recycling Supervisor Airport Cashier Civil Engineer Telephone Response [...]

Water Testing In The City Of Midland

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If you live in the City of Midland, you can get your water tested with quick results. So, if you've just moved here or you need a water sample, because you're selling your home, the city makes it easy to obtain water testing. You can get online results in just one to two business days [...]

Sign Up For Updates From The City Of Midland

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Would you like to stay up to date on information pertinent to Midland residents? The City of Midland has a cool subscription service. You can opt-in to get updates from the City of Midland about specific things that interest you. You don't have to get updates from the City of Midland about everything going on [...]