Lowering Your Energy Bill in Winter Months

Lowering Your Energy Bill for the Holidays TXU has sent out a article about tips on lowering your energy bill for the holidays and the cold months ahead. Grab a blanket, build a fire, and get ready to save some money on your utility bills. After you read this information you will not cringe every [...]

Midland Nativity Festival, the Kick off to a West Texas Christmas

The Nativity Exhibit The Midland Nativity Festival was held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 4805 Gateway Midland, TX 79707. This Festival was an amazing sight to see since we had been hearing about it around town  and seeing advertising for it for the past few months! It featured over 200 sets [...]

Midland Texas, “Rocking” Christmas Parade 2016

Midland Texas, "Rocking" Christmas Parade 2016 It's time for the annual Midland, Texas  Christmas parade. It starts at 6:30 p.m. on December 10th and will have Santa making his debut! The theme for this year  is "Rockin' Christmas" with the  inspiration from the 50's and 60's. With that being said, we can't wait to see [...]

Midland Texas Photo Contest, like, share and post

Midland Texas Photo Contest for www.midlandtexas.com The Rules are simple! Like and Share our Facebook page and in the comments, post a picture that you have taken that makes you proud to live in Midland/ West Texas. The picture can be anything from the skies of Midland Texas, tumbleweeds,  pump jacks, or simply your family [...]

2609 Maxwell Dr Midland, TX 79705, Rental

    Here it is Midland Texas, a charming 4 bedroom  2 Bath rent house that is ready for you to call it home! This rental has a rear entry 2 car garage and a large carport behind the garage that makes it a perfect place to entertain and enjoy these West Texas fall nights. This [...]

Not only is Midland, TX dry, but the surrounding areas are also hitting records of being the driest the state has ever been.  Its affecting agriculture needs, several jobs, production, animals and much more. Midland has been on water restrictions for several months, and this has been a major concern to several individuals in the [...]

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Adventures Under Texas Sky’s, by Brooke Underwood

Lantern Fest This weekend my sister and I decided it was high time for a quick road trip out of Midland!  She told me about the Lantern Fest just outside of Austin Texas. We bought tickets and a couple extra lanterns and off we went.  That is one thing I love about living in West [...]

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