Looking For Homes For Sale In Odessa, TX With Swimming Pools?

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Are you seriously considering buying a new home in the Permian Basin and have one important amenity you just can't love without? After a long day at work in the Permian Basin, unwinding near the pool is simply necessary for some people. Have you been renting an apartment in the Permian Basin or living in [...]

Commemorative Air Force Museum in Midland

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The Commemorative Air Force Museum in Midland is operated by the High Sky Wing volunteers. The High Sky Wing volunteers oversee its authentic World War II antique aircraft. The Midland Commemorative Air Force Museum focuses attention on the history of the Midland Army Airfield, a strong source of local pride. Midland Army Airfield The Midland [...]

Headed To An Open House? Ask These Questions

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An open house if the perfect time to get information about a home directly from the home's owner or the owner's real estate agent. So, don't miss out on this chance. While at an open house, you can ask questions directly instead of waiting to ask us to ask the seller's agent to ask the [...]

XTOEnergy Gives $500K To Midland’s Dennis the Menace Park Renovation Project

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  XTOEnergy donated $500,000 to the Midland, Texas Dennis the Menace Park renovation project, the City of Midland announced. The park renovation began in March. The renovations were split into three phases. In all, the city estimated the project would cost $2.344 million. The Dennis the Menace Park is on West Indiana Avenue in Midland. It's 60 [...]