The color of your ceiling can totally affect the appearance of the size of your room. Here’s how:

Using Dark Colors

If you have a room that’s large with high ceilings it can sometimes feel cold or disproportionate because furniture and flooring take up less than half of the space in the room, leaving the rest empty. Painting the ceiling can help to bring the ceiling down, tricking the eye into thinking the room is smaller and more intimate. Medium, dark, and rich ceiling colors can warm things up and make a room feel more cozy instead of stark. In a room with few pieces of furniture, a dark ceiling can also become a great focal point and direct the eye away from the lack of furnishings.

Using Light Colors

Small rooms, or those with low ceilings can feel cramped. Using light colors on these ceilings can make the spaces feel larger. The key is to keep the color contrast between the ceiling and walls to a minimum. For instance, burgundy walls with a white ceiling won’t likely enlarge the appearance of the space. However, pale-colored walls, like a pale yellow, paired with an off-white or cream ceiling can make the room seem airy and appear more spacious.

Monochromatic Colors & Sheen

Walls and ceilings of the same color, depending on the colors, can make your space appear larger or smaller. Choose light ceilings and walls for an open and airy look. Dark, or rich colors on ceilings and walls pull the room inward.

Although ceiling paints are typically made with an ultra-flat sheen, which works to de-emphasize imperfections–and they are thicker and usually splatter-resistant–you’re not confined to flat sheens. Wall paint can be used on ceilings, which opens the door to eggshells, satins, semi and high-glosses, and other finishes.

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