Whether you’re searching for a luxury home in Midland or thinking about buying in one of the city’s premier communities and looking at Briarwood homes for sale, Grassland Estates homes for sale or Greathouse homes for sale, here’s what you need to know about reducing energy consumption and costs.

5 Tips to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Midland, TX Home

Heating and cooling your home can sometimes put a strain on your monthly budget. Here are five ways to help you save a few bucks.

Use Appliances in the Evening, Reduce Use

The heat generated by appliances like ovens and dryers can make your air conditioner work harder in the heat of the day, costing you more. Using such appliances during the evening can reduce the strain on your AC, as well as on the electricity grid. To save even further, use your dishwasher sparingly. Run it only when full, and try cleaning dishes by hand once or twice a week.

Seal the Deal

Homes can develop lots of cracks and gaps, especially around windows. Caulk and weather strip around your windows can help to seal in the heat. You can also keep heat from escaping using an indoor window kit. These kits contain clear, plastic sheets that can be stretched over your windows using double-sided tape. Blow-dry the sheets until they shrink into a tight fit against your window to prevent heat from escaping, and to keep the cold from coming in. Kits like this can cost as little as $20.

If you find gaps at places where pipes enter your home through exterior walls, use expanding-foam sealants. On doors, you can install an adhesive-backed or screw-on door sweep.

No Dust Is a Must

Chris Chambless, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Ambit Energy—an electricity and energy service provider—says that when the coils beneath or behind your refrigerator are covered with dust, the fridge works harder and costs you more. So, if needed, give those areas a periodic dusting.

Don’t Freeze Your Savings

According to National Grid, an international electric and gas company, the ideal refrigerator temperature is between 37 and 40 degrees. The perfect freezer temp is 5 degrees. Anything colder than those temperatures, and you’re wasting your money. National Grid also advises to keep your fridge and freezer full so that they don’t have to work as hard to stay cold.

Replace Air Filters

Let the savings flow. Clogged or unchanged air filters can cause air conditioners to work harder or longer and consume more energy, costing you more.

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