Your home is your sanctuary, and unpleasant outdoor noises like car traffic, lawnmowers, and the like can disturb your peace and quiet. Check out these five tips and tricks to help soundproof your Midland home, inside and out.

5 Simple Ways to Soundproof Your Midland Home, Inside and Out

These tips are great whether you’re searching for a luxury home in Midland or thinking about buying in one of the city’s premier communities and looking at Briarwood homes for sale, Grassland Estates homes for sale or Greathouse homes for sale,

Use Sound-Absorbing Materials

Sounds bounce off of hard surfaces like hardwood floors, tile, and laminate floors. Try using padded carpeting to help dampen indoor and outdoor noise. But don’t just focus on the floors. You can curtail even more noise with sound-blocking curtains.

Install Sound-Blocking Interior Doors

To prevent noise from traveling room-to-room, install solid doors. Most interior doors are “hallow-core,” and don’t block sound. So opt for composite-core, particleboard-core, and solid-wood doors.

Weatherstrip Interior Doors

Don’t forget that sound also travels through spaces around the door. Door soundproofing or weatherstripping can create a seal. To soundproof, use self-adhesive soundproofing tape. Rubber bulb weatherstripping gaskets and a weatherstripped threshold will seal perimeter gaps.

Install a Barrier Fence

When it comes to outdoor noise reduction, a barrier fence can do the trick. The fence should be solid and thick, since sound waves are reflected by dense objects. Brick, stone, and stucco-covered concrete masonry are ideal for blocking sound due to their density.

Replace Old Appliances

If you’re doing a home renovation, or it’s time to replace some of your appliances, newer models can be significantly quieter than their predecessors. Also, keep appliances in good working order so that they don’t clunk and rattle unnecessarily.

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