Having open houses or allowing potential homebuyers to tour your home is a very common practice. Usually, sellers opt for an open house so they can prepare ahead of time and allow in as many people as they can. However, there aren’t any general guidelines on etiquette for open houses. What should you do? How should you act? The first step you should consider, something that is often overlooked, is offering buyers who tour your home something to snack on or even a cold bottle of water. Keep reading and we’ll offer 3 great snacks for an open house. It can be more important than you think!

Snacks for an Open House

Before we jump right in and tell you the best 3 snacks and refreshments for an open house, we wanted to give you a few tips. First, if you’re going to offer plates, make sure they’re small and disposable. This discourages large portions and helps with cleanup. Secondly, make items that are only bitesize or a little bigger and include a place where buyers can easily serve themselves. Finally, it’s best not to offer alcohol.

1. Brownies or Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the oldest tricks in the real estate book is baking cookies or brownies before potential buyers stop by. There’s something about the smell that is warm, inviting, and comforting. It also often reminds them of positive memories from their past that will be flooded to their minds when they walk into your home.

You can serve any type of brownie or cookie but fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookies are the most popular. As the Barefoot Contessa of cooking fame always says, “if you can’t make your own, store-bought is fine.”

2. Miniature Wrapped Candy Bars

This is a delightful, easy to offer treat that homebuyers just love. Buy a couple of the large size bags of mixed, miniature wrapped candy bars. Not only can you leave it on a food table (if you have one), but you can also place them in little candy dishes around the house. They add a bright, colorful, and familiar feeling to every room.

3. Bottled Water and Other Beverages

Touring homes can be exhausting! No matter the weather outside, it’s a good idea to offer bottled water to your buyers. Some coffee with paper cups would also be a nice idea. If the weather is cold outside, consider offering some hot cocoa. While during the summer, you can’t go wrong with some sweet iced tea.

Providing Snacks for an Open House Can Put Buyers at Ease

Offering beverages and snacks for an open house not only breaks the ice but it also encourages the buyers to linger around a little longer. Munching on comforting snacks like a cookie, a piece of chocolate, or sipping on some hot cocoa can put the buyers at ease, open them up more to talk, and associate positive feelings with both you and your home. It’s a great, inexpensive way to help you sell your home!

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