Interested in new construction? Here’s a quick primer on site-built, modular, and manufactured homes.

Site-Built Homes

Erected completely at the construction site, site-built homes make up the majority of all new houses built today. These homes are commonly made using 2 by 4s and 4 by 6s of pre-cut wood, which is used for framing and trusses, earning them the nickname, “stick-built.” A site-built home complies with state, local, or regional codes where the house is located. Over time, site-built homes usually increase in value, though location does play a big role.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are constructed in sections within a factory and those pieces are transported to a building site where they are connected by contractors. These homes are sometimes cheaper per square foot than site-built homes, but if well-built, they should have the same longevity as site-built homes, and increase in value over time.

Manufactured Homes

Formerly called “mobile” homes or “trailers,” manufactured homes offer more styles than ever before. These homes aren’t required to conform to building codes at their destination, but must be in compliance with U.S. Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, or HUD code. A manufactured home is built on a non-removable chassis made of steel, and sections are transported to the construction site on their own wheels. In general, manufactured homes are less expensive than site-built or modular homes, but they tend to decrease in value over time.

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