If you’re seeking entertainment, look no further. Here are three sources of fun in Midland.

Mystery Chamber: Escape the Room

Ready to be terrified? If “scary” is your idea of fun, then you’ve found the right place. Mystery Chamber: Escape the Room has escape scenarios that will horrify. One mystery chamber, Last Chance, centers on the fictional movie villain, Jigsaw, who is infamous for his live-or-die games. In the chamber, a group of people are ensnared in his booby-trapped shelters and must find a way out before they inhale too much of a lethal nerve gas. But beware, Jigsaw has set traps in the shelters that also lead to death. Try to escape in 60 minutes. In another escape room called The Royal Quest, you are an exiled royal who must return to a treacherous castle to find proof of your birthright and try to escape unscathed.

Cinergy Cinemas and Entertainment

Have your cake and eat it, too! Parents and guardians of kids ages 15 and below can have a birthday party at this entertainment destination. Just bring your cake and Cinergy will do the rest. Not only will you have your own party area, supplies, drinks, and decor, but you’ll even have your own party host. Cinergy is also a great place for sporting event parties. So when your league season comes to an end, you can have a team party to hang-out, eat pizza, and socialize with your teammates. Let loose with games, laser tag mania, sky walker ropes, or a 3D movie.

RTD Skate Park

If skateboarding is your thing, then RTD Skate Park is your place. With 15,000 square feet of indoor street and transition skateboarding, the facility serves skateboarders of West Texas. RTD showcases art created by local skateboarders and individuals known throughout the skateboarding community. It also acts as a music venue for both local and national artists as part of the West Texas Annual Rock the Desert festival. RTD advocates for an atmosphere where personal faith is important, and community is given priority over individual success.

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