When looking to sell your home there are a few key upgrades you can make. Some of these refreshments to your home can really work to increase the overall selling value. We get asked a lot about the flooring in a home. Should you replace the flooring in your house before you sell it? That can depend. Keep reading to find out which answer best applies to your situation.

Should You Replace the Flooring in Your House Before You Sell it?

Whether you should replace the flooring depends on several factors. The first question you need to ask yourself is, can it be cleaned or repaired? For example, if you have stained carpet or chipped tiles, it’s very likely you can have the carpets professionally cleaned and repair the chips in the tiles. However, in some situations, flooring can be beyond cleaning or repair. Here are some signs you should replace the flooring in your house before you sell it:

  • Stains will not lift from the carpet
  • Odors that won’t come out in carpet like pet odors or a mildew scent
  • Mismatched flooring (i.e., multiple types of floorings such as carpet, tile, linoleum, or hardwood)
  • Normal wear and tear that cannot be repaired

If you decide you’re going to replace your flooring, research shows hard surfaces are preferred far more over carpeting. In another study, 99% of real estate agents said they believe hardwood flooring made a home easier to sell. While 82% stated they thought that homes with hardwood flooring also sell faster.

Try to Clean and Repair First, Then Replace When Needed

When deciding on if you should replace the flooring in your house before you sell it, we suggest attempting to clean it or repair it first. Unless the flooring is worn, mismatched, or has unliftable stains/odors. Then it should be replaced. If you can afford it, we suggest upgrading to hardwood flooring. This will increase the value of your home as well as help it sell faster.

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