The Briarwood Homeowners Association provides residents of the neighborhood with a set of ByLaws that must be adhered to. These guidelines exist solely to protect residents of this Midland subdivision and to enhance their property values.

A new Board of Directors for the Briarwood Homeowners Association is elected each year. Their job responsibilities are written into the ByLaws. The homeowners association’s’ website maintains a directory of members. The directory can be found by by current residents only with secure login information.

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One rule that keeps the neighborhood looking as nice as possible is that vehicles are to be kept off the street overnight, with the exception of out-of-town guests, of course. Also, temporary exceptions can be made by submitting requests to the association’s board.

Neighbors in the Briarwood subdivision appreciate that all properties are required to be maintained. Trees and shrubs are required to be trimmed. Grass is required to be kept healthy with watering and fertilizing. All lawns must be kept mowed and tidy. This is a relief for people who just want to live in a beautiful neighborhood!

The Briarwood Homeowners Association permits approved landscaping changes, shingle changes, fences, and changes to the residential structures. This ensures that any changes benefit the whole community.

The association also works together for fun neighborhood events and to ensure that the subdivision is safe and secure. Sometimes, the association plans pool parties at the neighborhood pool.

Only residents receive a key to the pool grounds. A small deposit fee is required to receive a key to the pool. Keyed entry is required. This ensures safety in the community pool area. Residents also appreciate that all children under 12-years-old must be accompanied by an adult. Roughhousing, pets, skateboards, roller skates, and weapons are not allowed in the pool area. All of these rules keep the pool area very safe for residents.

The Briarwood neighborhood in Midland, Texas was built in 1988. This subdivision consists of 261 homes and has a governing homeowners association.

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