Preparing your home to be seen by potential buyers is a huge task. It’s such a huge task, that people sometimes overlook things. So, take a look at this check list of things to do before showing your house. These are the things people sometimes don’t think about:

  • Clean your gutters, because some buyers will even check out your gutters and then deduct the level of maintenance on your home that you probably did while living there based on no other factors.
  • Clean all ceiling fans.
  • Clean your window screens! We don’t notice this on our own homes, but they get really dirty. Home buyers will notice if yours are.
  • Clean your home’s siding.
  • Buy a new welcome mat!
  • Wash your baseboards!
  • Repaint the front door.
  • Check inside doors. Do they need to be wiped down or even painted?
  • Clean under all of your sinks, because people will absolutely look under there.
  • Update any aesthetically outdated lighting fixtures.
  • Neatly organize your closet spaces, and throw out anything that isn’t important.
  • Clean the reservoirs of your toilets.
  • Have the carpet replaced or -at the very least- professionally cleaned.
  • Caulk and grout sinks and tubs as needed.
  • Scrub every last inch of all bathrooms.
  • Get new linens for your bedroom.

Let us know if you want a more extensive list of things to do when you’re trying to sell your home.

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