Few things can make a house feel like a home as quickly as the addition of a pet. Whether you’ve been promising the kids you’d consider a dog once you found a new place or just could use a little company while adjusting to the neighborhood, now could be a perfect time to adopt an animal. (And as any dog walker will attest, fury friends provide a natural icebreaker for socializing with other humans.)

Making a Pet Part of Your New Home in Midland

Here are some suggestions for getting started:

  • Examine your circumstances
  • Do your research
  • Check out pets looking for homes
  • Arrange a visit

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1. Examine your circumstances

How large of a pet can your residence comfortably hold? Does anybody in the household have allergies? Are you up to training a puppy, or might a senior dog make more sense? Answering such questions will help pinpoint the type of pet that might work best for you.

#2. Do some research

If you have a breed in mind, read up on it to learn about traits and temperament. Is this type good around kids? Does it require a lot of attention? Is it generally active or more of a lap pet? How does it respond to being left alone for long periods?

#3. Check out pets looking for homes

Go to Petfinder.com to see great animals in Midland waiting to be adopted. Besides pictures, the online profiles give valuable information about age, needs, history, and personality. The site also contains information on adoption fees and who to contact for additional information.

#4. Arrange a visit

No matter how cute an animal looks online, there’s no substitute for an actual meeting. Spend time together to see if you actually “click.” Don’t be embarrassed if you choose to keep looking. Both you and the animal deserve to find the best arrangement.

Need more info? These animal-loving groups offer assistance:

  • Midland Animal Services
  • Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals
  • Midland Humane Coalition

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