Unfortunately settlement on your newly built home won’t be the last time you have to think about settling. Here’s what you can expect from your structure as it settles in for the long haul.

Spaces in Between Windows and Walls

This may be the first sign of settling that you notice inside of your home, since it’s often pretty easy to see. Some walls may begin to pull away from window frames, leaving a small gap between the two.

Windows and Doors That Stick

If you find that it’s becoming difficult to open and close windows and doors in your new home, aside from the effects of humidity, it may be a sign that the house is settling. During this process windows and doors may become somewhat angled so that they no longer quite fit within their frames, making them difficult to open and close.

Slanting Floors

As your home gradually settles into the ground, floors can take on a bit of a slant. It may not be noticeable at first, but with time it can become increasingly apparent.

Don’t assume, however, that a slanting floor is always the result of a settling foundation. It can point to other issues like rotting floor joists, which require professional attention.

Cracks in Your Foundation

Over time, as the soil beneath your home shifts, portions of the foundation may sink deeper than other areas and cause the foundation not to lay flat against the ground. Cracks can begin to form around the areas where the soil has shifted.

Be mindful that cracks can appear for many reasons other than shifting soil, including seasonal weather changes. Although some minor cracks can result from seasonal changes, new cracks—especially several that show up at the same time—should be investigated by a professional.

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