Is home staging even worth the extra effort and expense? Many are shocked to learn that even in a sellers’ market, home staging is worth the effort and expense. Staged homes sell faster and for more money than they would typically sell for. It may seem like a waste to redecorate your home that you won’t be living in, but staged homes sell an average of 88 percent faster than non-staged homes! Plus, here’s the kicker: They sell for 20 percent more on average than they would have sold for if they hadn’t been staged. Worth the effort? It certainly seems like it!

See, skilled home stagers can demonstrate a use for areas of your home that even you couldn’t have envisioned after living in it for years. They make the home more desirable and seem more usable. Stagers help buyers envision themselves in your home and that makes a big difference.

Only 14 percent of realtors believe that staging doesn’t increase the home’s selling price. Statistically, staging a home is beneficial to the homebuyer, the seller, the agent selling the home and the buyer’s agent.

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