Texas real estate brokers and salespeople are licensed and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). See, we follow specific state rules regarding real estate brokerage services in Texas. Consequently, Texas real estate agents will ask that you sign a receipt that you were given information about how real estate brokerage services in Texas work. Incidentally, you’ll find the Texas real estate brokerage services informational sheet in its entirety on our website. Sometimes, people hesitate. Keep in mind, signing isn’t entering into a contract. Signing that sheet just says that you were informed of the information. As real estate agents, we keep these signed acknowledgements on file for our own records. See, we’re obligated by TREC to show you the information.

Real Estate Brokerage Services in Texas

Anyway, the info sheet explains the different roles of a real estate broker:

Generally, we obtain a written agreement from clients defining the role. Yet, if the broker is an intermediary, by law, both parties must sign written consent for the broker to have that role.

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