When you tour homes for sale in Midland, Texas, you’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly – but don’t let beautiful staging fool you. Sometimes beautifully staged homes are really covering up major issues to trick prospective buyers into taking the plunge.

Here’s how you can tell if a seller is hiding something.

How Can You Tell if a Seller is Hiding Something?

Whether you’re buying a brand-new home that a construction company just finished building or you’re buying an existing home, watch out for:

  • Damaged walls
  • Pet damage
  • Music piping into the home
  • Damaged floors
  • Weird furniture placement

Here’s a closer look at each red flag.

Damaged Walls

When you find a home you like, check the condition of its walls. Sometimes homeowners paint over wallpaper (yuck), or they use paintings and wall decor to hide holes and cracks – or worse, mold.

Pet Damage

If you smell pets, there could be pet damage in the home. Talk to your real estate agent about finding out whether there’s pet damage – and be on the lookout for stains on the floors and walls (where pets brush up against them to lie down, for example).

Music Piping Into the Home

It’s nice to hear soft, beautiful classical music while you’re going through a home for sale, but listen closely: Is the music covering up noise from traffic, construction noises or other sounds you don’t want to hear when you move in?

Damaged Floors

Sometimes homeowners use rugs and floor runners to cover up stains, damaged hardwoods and cracked tile. Walk along rugs as best you can, and if possible, pick them up to look beneath them for damage.

Weird Furniture Placement

Not everyone is a professional decorator – but that doesn’t mean weird furniture placement shouldn’t make you think twice. Sometimes people use pieces of furniture to cover up damaged floors or to distract prospective buyers from other issues.

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