How To Minimize Wear and Tear on a Yard from Dogs

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The United States loves dogs - up to 60% or more of people own a dog. With dog ownership comes love, laughter, adventure, and potentially a yard that shows the wear and tear of owning a dog. While few dogs exclusively live outside anymore, most people with yards allow their pooch to enjoy the fun [...]

Home Staging: Gray Is The Right Neutral

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When repainting a house, to either improve the aesthetic quality to keep or sell the home, it often becomes difficult to know when to draw the line between trendy and time-honored colors. Too little color can make a house feek stark and uninviting, but too much color can be busy and too stimulating, not to [...]

Texas Homeowners: New Bill Would Help More Recover Property Value Loss From Utility Towers

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This week, the Houston Chronicle reported on two proposed bills in Texas right now that could offer protection to homeowners from property value loss after the installation of nearby electric transmission towers. State Senator Larry Taylor introduced a bill that would force utility companies to notify all nearby homeowners before making upgrades to towers. It [...]

How to Mouse-Proof Your Home

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When the weather turns cooler, your local field mice are looking for a warm place to stay with access to food. That’s why they love your house. Unfortunately, if you live in an area that has recently had a subdivision built or other construction going on, your house may be more inviting than usual, since [...]

What Does A Good Seller’s Agent Do?

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The Underwood Group prides itself on doing right by every customer we serve. When in the role of the seller's agent, we will dutifully perform many services, because they are important. We will sit down with you and show you our proven Marketing Plan. We will explain how our Marketing Plan will help you sell [...]

Permian Basin Area Expected To Generate 1/3 Of The Entire U.S. Oil Production

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Not even the drop in oil prices has stopped the enthusiasm in the Permian Basin. The economy is still booming. The Permian Basin's output will continue to expand. Cost-reducing advances in technology means that over the next five years,  U.S. oil production should be about equal to the production of oil in Russia and Saudi [...]

Check Homeowners Insurance If Showing Your Home

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One simple phone call to your homeowners insurance company can save you from a rare (but potential) disaster. Sometimes people don't get enough insurance to cover an accidental slip and fall or other accident on the premises by visitors. If you're showing your home, you'll be getting many, many visitors. So, make sure your homeowners [...]

Info About Real Estate Brokerage Services In Texas

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Texas real estate brokers and salespeople are licensed and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). See, we follow specific state rules regarding real estate brokerage services in Texas. Consequently, Texas real estate agents will ask that you sign a receipt that you were given information about how real estate brokerage services in Texas [...]

2018 General Election: Registering To Vote In Texas If You Move To A New Home

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When people are in the middle of a move or just moved, registering to vote sometimes gets overlooked. The deadline to vote in this year's General Election is October 9, 2018. Moving Within The Same County If you move within the same Texas county, all you have to do is go to the Secretary of [...]

How To Order A New Birth Certificate In Texas

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If you're about to move school districts, keep in mind that you will need an official birth certificate to register children for school in a new district. Of course, moves tend to displace items and sometimes vital records like birth certificates get lost. Luckily, you can order a new birth certificate from the Texas Office [...]