Home inspections in Midland, Texas  average between $233.00 – $325 for a 2,000 square foot house. Additional services increase the costs of course. Many people hate the idea of paying for an inspection on a home that isn’t theirs yet. Still, a quality home inspection is critical!

Look, unless you are professionally trained to recognize signs of hidden damage, you should hire a professional. What if there was an outdated electrical system that would end up costing you thousands to replace? What if there is roof damage you can’t see? Hidden water leaks aren’t always noticeable, but home inspectors are trained to find them.

Just because an inspector finds problems, doesn’t mean you have to walk away from the home. See, if your inspector finds something significant that brings down the home’s value, you might consider renegotiating the price. At the very least, it’s good to know what you’re dealing with before you close.

A thorough inspection will report any problems with insulation, plumbing or electrical systems. It will report on any grading issues or landscaping problems that could end up causing water to come into the house. The inspector will check downspout drainage, ridge and fascia board lines, and railings on stairs that could indicate structural damage.

While asking a family member to check out the house, before getting your hopes up can be very useful, we highly suggest a complete inspection prior to closing no matter which lender finances you.

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