When you’re selling a home in Midland, there’s one thing that can send buyers running: An empty room.

You should never leave a room empty when you’re selling your house.

Here’s why.

3 Reasons You Should NEVER Leave a Room Empty When Your Home is for Sale

Buyers don’t want to see empty rooms – in fact, they can kill a sale. That’s especially true if the other rooms are furnished. Check out these three reasons empty rooms are bad for real estate deals:

  • They look useless
  • Buyers can’t imagine them properly
  • Imperfections stand out

Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

#1. They look useless

Empty rooms look useless to buyers – and why would they pay for a room they can’t use? Let’s say a buyer really only needs a two-bedroom home, and yours is three… and the third one is empty. The buyer is going to look at your home’s price tag, at the empty room, and back at the price tag – and then realize they’d be paying for a room they probably wouldn’t use.

And then they’ll go look at a two-bedroom that someone else is selling.

#2. Buyers can’t imagine them properly

It’s tough for buyers to envision the purpose of a space if there’s nothing in it to spark their imaginations. When a room is empty, there are sometimes too many possibilities for buyers to wrap their heads around.

#3. Imperfections stand out

Every little lump in the paint, the uneven pile on the carpet, and the crack in the crown molding will stand out when there’s nothing else to look out in a room.

Stage every single room in your home. Even if you’ve never used a room and it’s always been empty, put something – almost anything – in it so buyers don’t see a big, empty cavern that they can’t imagine using. Stage it as an office, a guest bedroom or even a playroom for kids.

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