If you’re looking to flip or sell a home in the Midland area you may be worried about competition. It is quite a large market with many sellers probably just like you. However, we are here to give you an edge! Here we will tell you the 3 house features homebuyers are looking for in Midland.

1. Smaller Homes With Open Floor Concepts

The days of wanting a large home seem to be over. While there are definitely exceptions to this rule, your average homebuyer is looking for a smaller, easier to maintain home. Many different things have influenced this trend such as eco-consciousness, less time to care for a large home, and the desire for a simpler lifestyle.

Even though homebuyers are looking for smaller homes, inside they still want to see an open floor concept. An open floor plan is when two or more traditional rooms are joined together. It’s essentially eliminating walls. This can make even a smaller home feel much larger and flow better.

2. A Comfortable Outdoor Living Area

Studies show that high-maintenance yards are on the decline in popularity. Current homebuyers have shown that they want a place to gather, without a lot of expensive upkeep. A modestly-sized yard with few plants and a place to sit and gather are most popular. In Midland specifically, homes with screened-in porches are a hot commodity. This gives the potential homebuyers reprieve from pesky bugs while still being able to enjoy their outdoor time.

3. A Large Kitchen with Modern Appliances

You could argue that a large kitchen with modern appliances could apply to almost any city, and you’d be right! Even still, if you’re from Midland you know we love food! We love to eat and cook. That’s why a spacious kitchen with updated appliances is one of the most important features homebuyers are looking for in Midland. Specifically, look at island counters to maximize the perceived space.  Also, look at modern appliances such as double ovens and smart refrigerators. We these few considerations, you’ll be selling your house in no time.

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