If you want to give your kids room for artistic expression using your walls as their canvas whiteboard paint can be the perfect way to accommodate their desire to write and draw. Here’s everything you need to know to transform a wall.

Whiteboards Don’t Have to Be White

You might be surprised to learn that you can create your board using any color in the paint aisle at your local hardware store—just make sure it contrasts against the colors of your dry erase markers so that your writing is visible. After you paint a wall, or a portion of a wall, in the pigment of your choice—which is your base paint—you simply apply a clear dry erase top coat to get the “whiteboard” effect.

Be Finicky About Your Finishes

A dry erase clear coat will adhere to most paint finishes. Matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss wall surfaces will all work well. Avoid high-gloss and specialty finishes, though.

You Might Have to Mix

Dry erase coatings vary in composition. Some are two-part solutions that you have to mix together before application. Others are ready to go as a single paint.

Prep Makes Perfect

Take time to prep your wall before you apply your base paint. Sand down any bumpy or uneven places so that your finished board can have as smooth a surface as possible. Before you apply your color or white base paint, be sure to use painter’s tape to outline the perimeter of your board to give it a clean frame. This will also prevent the dry erase clear coat from spreading outside of the intended area—especially since dry-erase finishes have a slight sheen.

Apply Your Base Paint and Dry Erase Clear Coat Using a Roller

Use a roller throughout the process, since you want to get as smooth a finish as possible. Apply your base paint and allow it to dry.

After you apply the dry erase coat check your paint brand to see how long it will take to dry. Times vary between brands—some can take up to seven days to cure.

To wipe away dry erase marker use a dry cotton cloth, or a dry eraser.

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