Though some say that apartments in Midland are easier to come by than last year, 2018 Midland renters are still paying high rental costs. Rent Jungle reported that the average monthly rental cost for an apartment in Midland, Texas is $1488! That’s a 25.2% increase over last year’s rental costs. And with the population booming, Midland apartment prices may continue to rise. That makes right now the perfect time to buy a home in Midland.

Look, the city’s population is growing at an annual rate of 4%. So, even if you’re not going to retire in Midland, it still makes a lot of sense to buy a home here. Locking in a mortgage now could ensure you can live without fear over rising rental costs. A one bedroom apartment in Midland averages $1247 a month! Look, you can purchase homes under $200,000 in the Midland area with enough bedrooms to accommodate a small family. Mortgage rates are rising, sure. Yet, they’re still low enough to be extremely affordable. Meanwhile, they are expected to continue to rise. Right now, you could buy a family home with a yard with very little down and pay much less per month over the next thirty years than renters are currently paying for one bedroom apartments!

So, stop your Midland apartment search and begin your Midland home search today. Even if you think you couldn’t get a mortgage, just contact us. There are many federal and state programs that might make the mortgage approval much simpler than you’d ever expect.

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