Some items should never be kept in a garage. Do you know which items you should never store in your garage?


Firewood should never be stored in your garage. It might seem like a great dry place to keep firewood, but, firewood brings rodents, pests, and insects into your garage. Considering that the garage is usually right by or attached to the home, it’s a really bad idea to store firewood in the garage. So where should you store firewood? Find a location 20 feet from your home. Make or purchase an elevated rack to place the firewood on. Then, cover the stacks of firewood with a tarp.


Don’t store paint in your garage. Paint just doesn’t do well in extreme temperature changes. So, unless you have a temperature controlled garage, the paint will start to deteriorate in the garage. The paint will end up turning into a gel and that’s nearly impossible to use. So where should you store paint? Pain is best stored in a utility closet or in your basement.

Canned Food

Canned food does best in the pantry, but not in the garage. Canned food keeps well, but can store when exposed to extended periods of time above 80 degrees or in damp areas.

Propane Tanks

Fuel should always be stored in a well-ventilated area. If you store propane in the garage, it becomes a safety hazard. One small spark could ignite the propane and cause a fire. Never store propane in an enclosed space. That’s why when you pick up propane tanks, they are stored outside in a storage box that has full access to air.


Since garages aren’t humidity controlled, storing them in the garage can cause circuits to fail. Store electronics inside where there is less moisture.

Boxes Of Bedding An Clothing

The heat and moisture in a garage can affect linens and clothing, even in sealed containers. It’s best to store clothing in closets or under the bed in under0bed storage bins.

Paper Items

Pests love paper. Never store your comic books, old records with cardboard sleeves, important documents, photographs or bundled newspapers in your garage. It will attract pests, but it will also risk damaging the paper items.

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